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NEWS IN 2020
NEWS IN 2019

Norwegian Retr.Club at Førde 12.10 was a new Show to us.
It was a nice and spacious hall and very well arranged by the Committee!
The judge was an Allrounder from Serbia.


Neroh came 3rd in Open Dog.

S. Roberta (ShCh S. Norris x ShCh S. Lillian)  first time out came 2nd in Jun with Ck

Jennifer came 3rd in Open

S. Nellie came 2nd in Open with Ck and was 2nd best Bitch.


Sunday, the Show was arranged by the local Club, (but same people) and again very well arranged.
Judge: Kari Granås Hansen, Norway


S. Neroh showed himself to the dog CC and BOS.

Nellie was 2nd in Open and 2nd Best Bitch

Jennifer was 3rd in Open, CK and 3rd Best Bitch

S. Roberta won the Jun Class with Ck and was 4th Best Bich

Little  chocolate S. Spencer ( KBHv-18 Jun Ch Melicmark M is for Mint x ShCh S. Lillian) showed so well on his first Show, best lab puppy both days!

Only 3,5 hours and 2 Ferries each way back home felt very easy.!!


NKK Int at Lillehammer, 17 th August-19
Judge: Anne-Berith Waskaas, Norway


The weather was terrible with wind and pouring rain all day. We were soon ancle deep in mud.
But we had a super day making up a new ShChampion in S. Margareth (Multi Ch Tjotte’s Lover under Cover x ShCh S. Heather)

Surprising’s Neroh also did well, he was 2nd winner in Open with CK and came 4th Best Dog totally.

S. Primrose won Youth Bitch with  CK.

S. Nellie came 2nd in Open with CK and was 3rd Best bitch.

The star of the day was  S. Margaret winning Open Class, the CC, CACIB and BOB.
Finally she came 4th in a large Group 8 judged by gundog expert Jenny Miller from England.


The next  day, Sunday the 18th,  the Show was held by the Retriever Club at Biri/Lillehammer.
The weather was fabulous with sun and green grass.
Judge: E. Paulsen, Denmark.


Neroh did well , came 2nd in Open with res.CC and was 2nd Best Dog.

Again S. Primrose won the Youth Class with res CC and was 2. Best Bitch.

Nellie was 2nd in Open with Ck and was 3rd Best Bitch.

A very nice weekend but with 8 hours drive one way.


Two really nice ChampionShip Shows in Stavanger last weekend, 25th and 26th May-19.
Saturday was the Norw.Retr.Club with  Mr. Jari Partanen from Finland judging.

 Our black boy,  Surprising’s Norris (NL Sw. ShCh Seawinds Polish Poker x ShCh Surprising’s Isolde) won his 3rd and  qualifying CC and is now a ShCh. along with his litter brother Nashville.

NJW-2018 Surprising’s Primrose (F Ch Devonshire London Edition x ShCh S. Isolde) won Jun Class and finally the CC, her first!

Surprising’s Nellie, litter sister to Nashville and Norris came 2nd in Open.

Next day Sunday, was JÆR-utstillingen, a rather great all breed Show.
Ms Tina Herman from Slovenia judged our breed.


Sunday I only showed the bitches and was delighted when Surprising’s Nellie won Open and the CC - her second,  with S. Primrose  right behind her winning the res. CC.

Puppy  Surprising’s Robinson, a son of the newly crowned  ShCh S. Norris out of ShCh S. Lillian,  made us proud by winning BOB Puppy and Best Puppy in Show Saturday!!

Sunday he did it again – winning a huge Gundog Group. He showed like he enjoyed every minute. What a clever little man.


We were delighted with our results from our first two Shows in 2019!
Saturday, the 6th of April were the Norw.Retr.Club Show  in Bergen, judged by  Mr. Vidar Grundetjern.


NW-18 Surprising’s Nashville (Sw.NL Ch Seawinds Polish Poker x ShCh Surprising’s Isolde) continued his winning ways by winning the all important 3rd CC, BOB and to our great excitement also Best in Show. We are so proud of him!!

His litter brother Norris was right behind him in  Open class.
Our choc bitch Margaret won the res. CC and came second best bitch,  Norw.Jun.W-18 Surprising’a Primrose (FI ShCh Devonshire London Edition x
ShCh S. Isolde was best Jun bitch and 3 best bitch while the boys litter sister Nellie won a CK.


The next day was the Norw.Kennel Club Show with the well known Gundog Specialist,  Mr. John Thirlwell from England judging the breed.


The next day was the Norw.Kennel Club Show with the well known Gundog Specialist,  Mr. John Thirlwell from England judging the breed.
Once again Nashville,  now NW-18 and N ShCh won Best of Breed. Litter brother Norris won the res CC.
We were thrilled when S. Margaret (CIE N Sw ShCh Tjottes Lover under Cover x ShCh S. Heather) won her second CC and Best of Opposite Sex!!

Primrose again won Jun, CK and 4th BB and Nellie came 3rd BB.

What a weekend!

All photos by Kari L and Geir P.

NEWS IN 2018

Delighted to win 3 important titles at the 2 great NKK’s Winner Shows in Lillestrøm 16.-17. November.
The Labradors had 2 excellent breed specialists to judge the quality entry with dogs from Sweden. Denmark, Russia, Finland and Norway!


Friday 16th, the NKK’s Nordic Winner Show
Judge: Mr. Sven Slettedal.


Surprising’s  Nashville (NL Sw ShCh Seawinds Polish Poker x ShCh Surprising’s Isolde) won Open Class with CK.
S. Primrose (FI Devonshire London Edition x ShCh S. Isolde) came 2nd with CK in a well filled Junior Class.
S. Margaret, (rather naked)  had an Excellent.
S.  Surprising’s Katia (ShCh Fieldvalley Chester x ShCh S. Zelicia won a super Open Class, the CC, Best Bitch and the title NordicW-2018!!
As this was her 3rd CC,  this win also gave her the most important new title: Norw. ShChampion!!!

                 N ShCh NordV-18 Surprising's Katia

Saturday  17th,  the NKK Norwegian Winner Show 2018
Judge: Mr. Shaun Williamson, England

S. Nashville, not yet 2 years old, won the Open Class with CC,  CACIB and BOB!!
His new title is now Nordic Winner-2018!!!

S. Primrose won the Junior Class with CK and was Best Bitch-2!!
Great to win the title Nordic Junior Winner-2018!!
S. Nellie, Nashville’s litter sister won Interm.Class  and CK.

A fabulous Show  with more than 8000 dogs every day and so professionably run by the Norwegian Kennel Club!!


The weekend, 29-30 September, we had two Championship Shows in my home town Bergen. 
Both turned out to be a great success for us.

Saturday, at the Norw.Retr.Club Show we had Mrs Stenbro (Norway) judging.

We were delighted when the young black Surprising’s Nashville (Sw.NL Ch Seawind Polish Poker x N.ShCh Surprising’s Isolde) won the CC, Best Dog  and later BOB.

His litter sister  Narnia came 2nd with CK in Interm.Class. Surprising’s Margaret (Multi Ch  Tjottes Lover under Cover x ShCh S. Heather) won Open Class, the res CC and was 3rd BB.


ShCh Surprising’s Kimberly came 3rd in Ch.Class.

Sunday at the BSBK (All Breed)  we had the famous Dr. Tamas Jakkel from Hungary judging. Again we had a super day!

Nashville’s litter brother Norris won the CC, Best Dog and BOS.

Their  yellow litter sister Nellie came 3rd in her class with CK and so did ShCh S. Kimberly in Ch.Cl.
We were thrilled when the young choc Surprising’s Margaret won the CC, Best of breed and also came second in Group 8 – only beaten by the lovely Golden that went BIS!!

Surprising’s Primrose (Fin.Ch Devonshire London Edition x ShCh Surprising’s Isolde)
Winning the Junior Class, CK and 4th best Bitch,  Sunday at her first Show!


And add to this - I could not have been  more proud when my Grand-daughter Ingeborg won Childrens Handling Class in the end of the day.

A great thank you to the two judges conserned and to the excellent arrangement of the two different  Clubs.

Truly a weekend to remember!!

Alle bilder fra utstillingene over er tatt av Kari L. og Geir P.

Had  two most pleasant Shows 11th and 12th August.
Saturday were Norways biggest Show for all hunting dogs. A fabulous Show held on an island in a river near Elverum, lovely weather, most friendly athmosphere and so well run! Tina Herman from Slovenia were judging.


Next day the Norwegian Retriever Club had a very good Show in the same area, but unfortunately with rain and cold wind.
Norway’s Børge Espeland was judging.


Our young choc bitch Surprising’s Margareth (Multi Ch Tjottes Lover under Cover x ShCh Surprising’s Heather) won the Intermediate Class with CK both days.

Delighted to win the CC both days with our black bitch Surprising’s Janice (USA VDH Ch Time Square Ulysses x ShCh Surprising’s Edwina).

That made her up – she is now ShCh S. Janice!! Sunday she also won BOB and 2nd Best in Show.  ShCh S. Kimberly came 2nd Best Bitch behind  Janice  and S. Margaret came 3rd BB.

More than 8 hours drive back home felt much better with a new Champion aboard!!


Show-weekend in Ålesund,  May the 5th was the Kennel Club NordicShow and the next day the Retr.Club.
Siv Sandø judged the NKK Nordic Show and Eirin Stenbro the NRK.


Pleased to win a CC for Janice at the Retr.Club.
Super show-site, ugly weather and a very long way to drive.

We had a fabulous show-weekend in Bergen April the 7th and 8th
Saturday we had the Norw.Kennel Club Nordic Show and Sunday at the
Norw. Retriever Club, both in Bergen.

At the KC Nordic Show we had the pleasure of having Mr. Sergio Scarpellini, breed specialist from Italy judging the Labrador
We were delighted when our young yellow bitch Surprising’ Nellie (Sw NL Sh Ch Seawinds Polish Poker X ShCh Surprising’s Isolde) won the Jun CL, the CC and finally BOB. She was also among the final 6 in the Group.

Her mother ShCh Isolde black litter brother, 
ShCh Surprising’s Indigo won Best Dog.
And to our great joy, Nellie’s litter brother Surprising’s Norris won the dog CC and BD-2.
S. Lomax won Open Cl, CK and came 4th BD.

Our choc S. Katia (ShCh Fieldvalley Chester x ShCh S. Zelicia) won 2nd in Open, CK and 4th BB.
S. Janice won 3rd in Open with CK .
What a day!!
Sunday at the Norw. Retriever Club we had Mr. Sjoerd Jobse from Sweden judging.
And what a day it turned out to be!!
The dog CC and BOS was won by the yellow Surprising’s Lomax (N. Sw.ShCh Kimvalley Stargazer at Farnfield X ShCh Surprising’s Edwina).
He is now a Norwegian ShChampion like his litter sister Lillian!
S. Katia won Open Cl, the CC (her second) and Best of Breed.
S. Margaret, also chock (Multi Ch. Tjottes Lover under Cover x ShCh S. Heather) won IntermCL, CK and 3rd Best Bitch.

Our 6 month old choc singleton Oscar (GB Ch Irish ShCh Meadowleigh Brown Sugar x S. Katia) at his first Show - won Best Puppy in Show!!

And If that wasn’t enough – we could not believe it when his mother Katia soon after won Best in Show!!
In all these nearly 50 years of breeding/showing I cannot recall we ever won both Best Puppy in Show and BIS for adults with a mother and son.

Sertainly a weekend to remember!!

Our Show season started with two great Shows in Kristiansand.
Saturday March 17th 2018, Norw.Retr.Club
Judge:  Nina Skjelbred


Surprising’s Lillian (N Sw ShCh Kimvalley Stargazer of Farnfield x ShCh Surprising’s Edwina) won her qualifying CC and is now a Show Champion. Luck is!
ShCh Surprising’s Kimberly (ShCh Fieldvalley Chester x ShCh Surprising’ s Zelicia) came second in ChClass with Ck and was 4th BB.

NEWS IN 2017

The Norw.KC arranged an excellent last Show of the year at Lillestrøm 18.11-17. (6700 dogs were entered).
Mr. Morey Armstrong, Gundog specialist from England drew a super entry of 84 Labradors.

S. Lomax (ShCh Kimvalley Stargazer at F. x ShCh S. Edwina) won the Young Dog class with CK.

ShCh S. Indigo (Multi Ch Carpenny Scenario x ShCh S. Florentina) came 3rd with CK in a super Champion Class with 14 Champions from 4 different countries


We were delighted when S. Janice (VDH.USA Ch Time Square Ulysses x ShCh S. Edwina), at her first Show won Open Cl. with CK.
ShCh S. Kimberly (ShCh Fieldvalley Chester x ShCh S. Zelicia) won an excellent Champion Class with CK and CACIB.


Finally ShCh Kimberly was 2nd best bitch totally and Janice was 4th!!


All the mountain roads were closed due to heavy snowstorm, so at one time we thought we would not make it to the Show. Finally one of the roads were opened - but only in periods - and with a plow truck in front.
How I hate it!!  It took more than 10 hours one way. Coming home after the show it felt great to be in one piece.

But a good result does help!!


Surprise Party på NKK's utstilling på Lillestrøm 2017.


Jeg ble helt overrasket og sjokkert da Siv ropte meg inn i ringen og satte i gang feiringen av min fødselsdag!!
Hvordan i all verden klarte dere å holde det hemmelig - det er en stor gåte!!

Det var jo fantastisk og så passende å ble feiret i ringen blant hunder og gode venner – i et miljø som jeg alltid har stortrives i og vært så glad for - i mesteparten av mine 75 år!!
Da jeg så utover mengden av mine venner da bursdags sangen ble avsunget holdt jeg på å ta til tårene!!
Vakre ord fra Siv, hyggelige og Interessante skrevne ord fra venner i inn-og utland, herlige kaker og paier laget av gode venner, Champagne og fantastiske presanger! Hva mer kan man ønske seg. Det var et vakkert bilde av min kjære Valiant, Jan (Kolpus) og en utrolig flott collage av noen av våre Champions ( Mari Stine Johansen) og ikke minst – et hendig trimmebord til å posere valper på!!

En stor takk til alle dere som var med på herlige gaver!
Og ikke minst stor takk og klem til Siv som arrangerte Party’et!
Jeg skal huske denne dagen med stor glede.


Delighted with our super Show results from 2 Championship shows in Bergen, 30.09 – 01.10-2017.


Saturday 30.09.17,   BSBK (all breed) Championship Show.
Judge Arne Foss, N


We made up  2 new ShCh – as Surprising’s Kimbo and his litter sister Kimberly (ShCh Fieldvalley Chester x ShCh S. Zelia) both won their all important 3rd CC!!


Young Surprising’s Lomax (Norw.Sw. ShCh Kimvalley Stargazer at Farnfield x ShCh S. Edwina) won IntermCl and was 3rd Best Dog!

Surprising’s Margaret won an Exc in Jun.class.
S Kimbo won Open class with CC and was best Dog (BOS).

BOB and 3rd Best in the Gundog Group  came ShCh Surprising’s Julia (VDH NL Ch Time Square Ulysses x ShCh S. Edwina). 

Sunday 01.10,  Norw.Retr.Club Championshipshow.
We had the famous Gundog specialist Mr. Frank Kane from England  judging the entry.

Very happy to have the same BOB and BOS in Julia and Kimbo!!
ScCh Kimbo again was Best Dog

Surprising’s Lomax won his 2nd CC from Interm.Cl. and was BD-2 behind Kimbo.


Surprising’s Nellie ( NL Sw ShCh Seawind’s Polish Poker x ShCh S. Isolde) came 4th BB from Jun Class!


ShCh.S. Kimberly was 3rd BB
ShCh S. Julia was again BOB and also 2nd Best in Show.

What a weekend - winning 3 CC’s out of 4 possible is truly great fun!!

Photos by Kari L and Geir P. (The light in this hall aways make it extremely difficult to photograph)


We had a very good day at the Norwegian Kennel Club International Show in Stavanger10.09.2017.
Judge: Mrs Lena Hagglund, Sweden.

Weather was mostly good and we thoroughly enjoid the company of good friends.


Surprising’s Kimbo (Norw.ShCh Fieldvalley Chester x Norw.ShCh Surprising’s Zelicia)
won Open Dog, the CC, CACIB,  Best Dog and was BOS.


His litter sister S. Kimberly won the bitch CC, resCACIB and were 2. best bitch.
These two will be 2 years old later on  this month.


Young S. Nellie (Dutch.Sw. ShCh Seawinds Polish Poker x Norw.ShCh S. Isolde)
at 9 months and first time out, won an Excellent and was 2nd in Jun.
She thought everything  was great fun and jumped happily around the ring.


We arrived home 2 ferries and 5 hours later.
It was a great Show.


8 weeks after my hip operation and I could not wait to go into the ring again this weekend!!
I am unable to run yet,  but had an excellent «runner» in  Geir P.
Weather was good and the atmosphere was great as always!!


Norw.Retr.Club at Løten Sunday the 13th August.
Judge: Vidar Grundetjern, Norway.


S. Kimbo won Open Class with res. CC and 3rd BD.


S. Margaret at her 2nd Show won Jun.CL with CK and came 4th BB
Pictured here kissing the judge!!

S. Kimberly  again won the Interm.Cl with CK and came 3rd BB.

I was delighted when S. Katia won Open Class, the CC and was Best Bitch (BOS).

Excellent company and delighted to do so well this weekend – none of the dogs are yet 2 years old!!

Photos by Kari L and Geir P


9 hours to drive back home – a bit long for my liking nowadays – but I enjoid the weekend immensely!


Saturday the 12th August at Elverum NJFF -  Scandinavia’s biggest Show for Hunting Dogs.
Judge: Jan-Erik Ek, Sweden.


S. Kimbo (N ShCh Fieldvalley Dexter x N ShCh S. Zelicia) came 3rd in Open with CK.

S. Margaret ( CIE N S ShCh SW-14-15 Tjottes Lover Under Cover x ShCh S. Heather) came 2nd in Jun.

S. Kimberly (litter sister to Kimbo) won Interm.Cl  with CK.

S. Katia (litter sister) came 2nd in Open with CK and was 4th BB.

Photos by Kari L and Geir P
13th. June I had my big hip operation done  -  so will be on crutches for quite some time.
No more  Shows for me before  August!!

Next day, 04.06.2017 was NRC Clubshow at the same Showground.
Judge: Nina Skjelbred, N


Our (singleton) S. Margaret (CIE N.SW.ShCh Lover Under Cover x ShCh S. Heather) made her debut winning a well filled Puppy class and BOB-puppy.

We were over the moon when S. Ikaros (Multi Ch Carpenny Scenario x ShCh S. Florentina) won his final CC and is now a Norw. ShCh, the 5th ShCh in this litter. We are so proud!!

S. Kimberly won Int Cl with CK
S. Katia was 2nd in Open With CK
S. Jennifer had an Exc.

9 hours going home felt easier with a New Show Champion in the car. There is nothing like a New ShCh.


Norw.Retr.Club Spesiality at Skarnes 03.06.2017.
Judge: Zoltan Kiss, Hungary


Cold and misty day -  but as always very well arranged and with a friendly and joyful atmosphere!

Puppy S. Nellie was 3rd in a very nice Puppy class.

S. Ikaros was 3rd in Open with CK

S. Lillian came 2nd in Jun with CK
Jennifer and Katia both had an Exc in Open


Norw.Retr.Club Stavanger, 28.05.2017
Judge: Vidar Grundetjern, N


Arrived in Stavanger in lovely sunshine the evening before the Show.
The day of the Show was something different, it turned out to be a windy, wet and mucky affair so we went home as soon as judging was over.


It was the first Show for S Nellie at 6 months (Sw.Nl, Sw.Ch Seawinds Polish Poker x ShCh S. Isolde).
She was BOB Puppy and thorougly enjoyd the day! And so did we.

Surprising’s Ikaros,  to our delight won his 2nd CC and was 2BD.
S. Kimberly, rather naked,  was 2nd in Int Cl
S. Jennifer won Open and ha a res.CC.


Norw.KC Int. Ch.Show in Bergen April 23rd 2017
Judge: Eeva Rautala, Finland


Another good Show for us!
S. Kimbo (ShCh Fieldvalley Chester x ShCh S. Zelicia) did extremely well by winning the Interm. Cl with CK and  was 4th BD with res CC-
S. Ikaros (Int NL VDH Ch Carpenny Scenario x ShCh S. Florentina) was 2nd in Open Cl with CK.

ShCh S. Indigo won the res.CACIB and came BD-2.

Young Lillian (N Sw. ShCh Kimvalley Star Gazer at Farnfield x ShCh S. Edwina) made us proud by winning the bitch CC from Jun Cl and was only beaten by the BOB winning Champion bitch.
S. Kimberly won the Interm.Cl with CK.

S. Jennifer (VDH Ch. Time Square Ulysses x S. ShCh Edwina was 3rd in Open With CK.

Great to be able to drive home in 25 minutes rather than driving 6 to 9 hours!!


NKK Int. Championship Show, Kristiansand, 18.03.2017
Judge: Eivind Mjærum, N.

The roads over the mountains were closed due to heavy snowstorm. We therefore had to drive all around the long coast.

Very pleased when S. Ikaros won Open Class, the CC and was 4th BD.

S. Lillian won  Jun.Class with CK
S. Kimberly won Interm.Cl and the res.CC
ShCh S. Heather came 3rd  in Ch.Cl with Ck and was 3rd BB.




The Show-season started in the best possible way for us by winning BOB and BOS at the Retr.Club Spesial Februar 11th.
Breed specialist Jan-Roger Sauge was judging.


Young Surprising’s Lillian (at only 1 year old) by Ch Kimvalley Stargazer at Farnfield x Ch S. Edwina,  made us so proud by winning Jun class, the CC and finally BOB and BIS-3 at her first official Show.
Her litter brother Lomax won Jun class dog, the CC and  Best Dog!


Ikaros (Int NL VDH Ch Carpenny Scenario x ShCh S. Florentina) won Open Cl with  res.CC and was 3rd BD.
Litter brother ShCh S. Indigo  came 2nd with CK in Ch Cl.


Kimberly (ShCh Fieldvalley Chester x ShCh S. Zelicia) won Interm. with Ck.
ShCh S. Hedda (NSw ShCh Labry Bery Scherbet at Play Mor x ShCh S. Zelicia) won the Ch.Cl, CK and came 2nd Best bitch behind young Lillian.

ShCh S. Heather (N.S.Pol.Ch Labry Berry Scherbet at Play Mor x ShChS. Zelcia)  happy to be back in the ring again.

Surprising’s Lillian



What a day - wish the rest of the year went on like this!!

NEWS IN 2016
Foto: Dan Ericsson
My daughter Anne and me - ever so pleased with all the great wins in 2016!!

2 great Shows the same weekend in Bergen!!

Saturday the 24th September was the BSBK
(all breed-Show).
We were so pleased to have the well known breedspesialist, Dan Ericsson, Sweden  judging the breed.

The choc S. Kimbo (ShCh Fieldvalley Chester x ShCh S. Zelicia) shown for the first time, was 2nd in Jun Class with CK.
S. Idris (Int.Multi Ch Carpenny Scenario x ShCh S. Florentina) to our great excitement won his 3rd CC - and is now a ShCh, the 4th ShCh in this litter.
He was also BOS.
His litter brother Ikaros was placed 4th in Open.
ShSh Indigo was 2nd in Ch.Class with CK.

S. Kimberly was 2nd in Junior and Jennifer had an Exc.

BOB and BOS 

We were delighted when ShCh S. Julia (US Ch Time Square Ulysses x ShCh S. Edwina) won BOB and later on came second in the Group.

Puppy S. Lillian (N.Sw ShCh Kimvalley Star Gazer at Farnfield x S. ShCh Edwina) won BOB puppy and finally the Group.

What a super day for us!!


Sunday the 25th September the Show was arranged by the N.Retr.Club.
Kirsi Nieminen from Finland judged the breed.


S. Kimbo won the Jun Class and we were so happy to see him win the dog CC and was 3rd Best Dog.

S. Ikaros won Open Cl, the res.CC, and was 2nd Best Dog.

We were delighted when the newly crowned ShCh S. Idris won BOB, and later on BiS-2.

Kimberly was 2nd in Jun.Class with CK.
Jennifer was 4th in Open.
ShCh Julia won Best Bitch and BOS.


Puppy Lillian made us very proud when she won Best Puppy In Show in the BSBK's final.

NKK Int  Stavanger 10.09-16.
Judge: Erling Kjær Pedersen, Denmark


The show in  Stavanger was a very wet and very muddy affair.
The rain poured down and yellow Labs were not yellow for long, and we were soaking wet.

Surprising's Ikaros (Multi Ch Carpenny Scenario x S.ShCh Florentina) was BD-2 with res CC and res.CACIB.

S. Kimberly (ShCh Fieldvalley Chester x ShCh S. Zelicia) won Jun class and BB-4.
S. Jennifer (VDH US Ch Time Square Ulysses x ShCh S. Edwina won her second CC, res CACIB and BB-2.
ShCh Julia - Jennifer's litter sister was 2nd in Ch Class and 3rd BB


Our little S. Lillian (N Sw ShCh Kimvalley Star Gazer at Farnfield x ShCh S. Edwina at 6 mnths made a splendid.
debut at her first Show by winning BoB puppy and to our delight she later won Group-8 for puppies!!
Had a splendid day at  NJFF Elverumsutstillingen 13.08-16.
This Show is for Hunting breeds only - the biggest such in Norway.

We were so pleased to have a well known breed specialist judging, Mr. Luis Peixoto from Portugal and his wife Tina (other Retrievers). 


The entry was excellent,  one of the best also in quality we have had for some time. 
The Show  is always held at a charming place in the middle of a wood, and are extremely well organized !! 
The atmosphere was,  as always, very pleasant! 


I  was delighted when I won BOB with ShCh S. Julia (USA Ch Time Square Ulysses x ShCh Surprising's Edwina) .  

Surprising's Ian (Int.NL Tysk Ch Carpenny Scenario x ShCh S. Florentina)  won his 3rd CC and is now a ShCh along with his litter mates Indigo and Isolde.  Luck is!!!!
ShCh S. Indigo was 4th in a very strong Ch.class with Champions from both Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Russia!!
Young choc Kimberly won Jun.class and 4th best bitch.


And to complete a super day  -  Julia won Group 8 and finally 3rd Best in Show!! 

The long and exhausting drive felt so much easier driving home the next day.


Sunday 14.08 Norw.KC at Lillehammer.
Judge: Anne Livø Buvik, N


A very hot and crowded day, and the dogs were tired from Saturday.

The two Champion brothers, Ian and Indigo had a Ck and placed themselves nicely in a very strong Ch.class.

Choc S. Kimberly (N ShCh Fieldvally Chester x ShCh S. Zelicia) won CK and Best Junior.
Julia had a CK and 3rd in


Norw.Retr.Club Sunnmøre and Sogn/Fjordene again arranged
2 excellent Shows at Nordfjordeid 25. - 26. June. 
We were also lucky to have 2 most capable judges.
Weather were fairly good on Saturday, but the rain poured down on Sunday.
I couldn't care less as the results for us were absulutely super!!


Saturday 25th June.
Judge: Jan Roger Sauge


S. Kimberly (ShCh Fieldvalley Chester x ShCh S. Zelicia) won 2nd Best puppy in Show


Norw.Swed.ShCh NV-07-10 NVW-14 EUVW-15 S. Valiant at 10 years won  Best Dog-1, BOS and finally BIS-2 Veteran in Show.

ShCh Indigo (NL Int.Multi Ch Carpenny Scenario x ShCh S. Florentina) won CK and 4th Best Dog.

S. Julia (VDH Ch Time Square Ulysses x ShCh S. Edwina) won the CC, her important 3rd - so she is now a ShChampion (our 116)

ShCh Julia won BOB and Norw.Swed ShCh Valiant was BOS!


Sunday 26th June
Judge: Torunn Sørbye


ShCh Indigo won CK and 3rd Best Dog.
My dear old Valiant at 10 years was BD-1 and BOS and later on Best Veteran in Show!!

S. Kimberly, 9 months on the day so had her debut in Junior Cl, she won the class and to my delight also the Bitch CC and finally only beaten by Julia for Best Bitch.


ShCh Julia again won Best of Breed and I was over the moon when she finally won Best in Show!!

With such results the 6 hours drive back home felt more easy!!


Thank you so much to Geir (Indigo's owner) who kindly helped me with handling, driving and photographing!


2 Great Shows arranged by the N.Retr.Club,  at Skarnes outside Oslo, 4 CC's to win -  and we won 3 of them!! Needless to say we were thrilled.


N.Retr.Club Spesiality, Skarnes14th of May 2016
Judge: Sven Slettedal,N


Surprising's Indigo (Multi Ch Carpenny Scenario x ShCh S. Florentina) won Open Cl, the CC and 2nd BD.

S. Jennifer (US Ch Time Square Ulysses x ShCh S. Edwina) won Int.Cl with CK.

S. Florentina won Open and her final qualifying CC - she is now a ShChampion and we could'nt be more happy!!!

And if this was'nt enough -  our naughty young chocolate S. Kimberly (ShCh Fieldvalley Chester x ShCh S. Zelicia) once again won Best Puppy in Show!!

N.Retr.Club's  Club-Show, at Skarnes, 15th May 2016
Judge: Gabi Orru, Germany

N Uch Surprising's Indigo

S. Indigo (Multi Ch Carpenny Scenario x ShCh S. Florentina) again won the CC - his all important 3rd - and is now a Show Champion!!
Luck is a new Champion - what about 2 new Champions in the same weekend!!

S.Jennifer (USA Ch Time Square Ulysses x ShCh S. Edwina) was 2nd in Int.Cl with CK.

Puppy Kimberly (ShCh Fieldvalley Chester x ShCh S. Zelicia was Best puppy in the breed.

As soon as Lab judging finished we left for the 8 hours drive home so did'nt stay for the Finals.
What a weekend!!


We had a super weekend at the Norwegian Kennel Club Int. Show in Bergen 17.04.16.
Judge: Mr Laurent Pichard, Switzerland.


Surprising's Indigo (Int NL VDH ShCh Carpenny Scenario x S. Florentina) won the Dog CC, CACIB and finally BOB!!
Litter brother Ian had Exc and CK and was 3rd BD.

Their litter sister S. Isolde won the bitch CC, Best Bitch and BOS.
This made her up, she is now ShCh Surprising's Isolde - our 113th ShCh!! We were so happy!!!

S. Julia was placed 3rd  best bitch.

Both Jennifer and Fiona won Exc and CK.


Norw.Retr.Club, Frøyahallen, Bergen 13.02.2016.
Judge: Kjell Svensson, Sweden.


S. Kimberl (ShCh Fieldvalley Chester x ShCh S. Zelicia)  delighted us by winning
Best In Show Puppy. Great fun!
photo by Geir P.


S. Indigo (Int Multi Ch Carpenny Scenario x S. Florentina) had an Exc and was 2nd in Interm.
S.Jennifer (VDH Ch Time Square Ulyssis x ShCh S. Edwina) had an Exc and was 2nd in Interm with CK.
S. Julia   (breeding see above) won Open class with CK and was finally BB-2.

We had indeed a super year in 2015. 
We went to 14 Championship show of which we won
9 BOB and 5 BOS.
NEWS IN 2015

The last Show for us this year was the Stord Show,  
a very pleasant one, and only 3 hours (one way) drive from Bergen.


Fitjar-Stord Hundeklubb (all breeds) November 8th 2015.
Judge: Wera Hubenthal, Norway


Surprising's Indigo (Multi Ch Carpenny Scenario x S. Florentina) won IntClass,  res.CC and was placed Best Dog-2.
His litter brother S. Ikaros was entered in Open which he won and had a CK too, and was 3rd Best Dog.


Our lovely S. Julia  (VDH Ch Time Square Ullysses x ShCh S. Edwina)
at only 16 months - once again won BOB and even 3rd Best in Group.
Due to new rules she is not allowed to win more CC's before she is 2 years.
Her litter sister Jennifer won the bitch CC and came second to her.


Finally we were given HP for our Breeders Group.



2 very successful Shows for us, in Bergen this time, so no endless driving.


Sunday was the Norw.Retr.Club ChShow 11.10-15
Judge: Laurent Pichard, Switzerland


S. Idris (see breeding above) won the Interm Cl, the dog CC, (his second)  Best Dog and BOB.
S Indigo was 3 best in his class with CK.
The newly crowned European Veteran Winner, N.Sw.Ch Valiant won CK and came second Best Dog.

S. Julia (see breeding above) once again won the JunCl and Best Bitch and BOS.
ShCh S. Heather won her class with CK and came 3rd Best Bitch.
S. Isolde won IntermCl with CK and won 4th Best Bich.

Our Breeders Class were given an Honour Price - so we had a very pleasing day indeed!!


Saturday was BSBK (all breed Show) 10.10.15.
Judge: Svein Helgesen, N


S. Ian (Int NL VDH Ch Ch Carpenny Scenario x ShCh S. Florentina) had a new great day by winning the Interm.class, the dog CC (his second), Best Dog - and BOS.
S. Indigo - Ian's litter brother was 3rd in Interm.class.

ShCh S Heather won the Ch class, BOB and came Best in Group-4 in the big ring.
S. Isolde (litter sister to Ian and Indigo) won the intermCl, the bitch CC (her second) and was 2nd best Bitch.
S. Julia (VDH Ch Time Square Ulyssis x ShCh S. Edwina) won the JunCl with res CC and was 4th Best Bitch.


Once again, Anne and I had a most enjoyable show weekend in Oslo 5-6.09.2015.
Hard work , as this weekend it took 10 hours to travel by car from Bergen to Oslo as  many roads were closed due to the extreme weather!!

The 2 English breed specialists had drawn an excellent entry both days.


The great happening of the year was Sunday 06.09, namely the European Dog Show, a brilliant success for the Norwegian Kennel Club.
Here we
 had dogs coming from most part of the world to compete -  and we were pleased to have all our dogs nicely placed.
Judge: David Craig, England.


ShCh Surprising's Idris came 3rd in Interm.Class
Norw.Sw.ShChNW-07-10 NVW-14 Surprising's Valiant  again won a lovely Veteran class and  was  BD-3.
He now has a new title: European Veteran Winner 2015!!


S. Julia came 2nd winner of Jun.Class
ShCh S. Heather made us proud by being placed 2nd in a well filled Championclass with beautyful bitches..

A great Show !!


The Saturday show 05.09 were so well run by the Norw.Retr.Club, Hotel at the showground, spacious hall and time to chat with old friends from both home and abroad!
Judge: Anthony Allen, England.


ShCh Surprising's Idris (Multi Ch Carpenny Scenario x S. Florentina) from Interm.Class, won the  DCC and BOS to our great joy!
Norw.Sw.ShCh NW-07-10 NVW-14 Surprising's Valiant (Rocheby Old Smokey x ShCh Surprising's Justina) won a super Veteran Class, and later 2nd Best Veteran in Show.

Surprising's Julia (VDH Ch Time Square Ulysses x ShCh Surprising's  Edwina) came 2nd inJun Class with CK.
And both S. Florentina and ShCh S. Heather had an Exc.
Surprising's Idris
Surprising's Idris
Norw.Sw.ShCh NW-07-10 NVW-14 Surprising's Valiant
Surprising's Julia

Anne and I had two super Shows the weekend 8-9/8-2015 winning Best bitch and BOS Saturday and BOB and BOS Sunday. What a weekend!!


Saturday the 8th August was the largest Show for Hunting Dogs at Elverum.
Judge; Mrs C. Østman, Sweden

S. Julia                                               Foto:P. Jansholt

S. Ian came second in Int.Class with res.CC, only beaten by the BOB winner
S. Julia won the Jun.Class with CK and was Best Bitch and BOS.
Florentina came second in Open with CK
ShCh S. Heather won the Ch.Class and was 3rd best Bitch.

Sunday the 9th August, Norw.Retr.Club at Biri
Judge: Mrs. Di Holman, South Africa
Surprising's Ian
S. Florentina

Surprising’s Ian (Int.Multi Ch Carpenny Scenario x S. Florentina) at his first Shows this weekend had a fantastic start winning the Int.class,  the CC and finally BOB.
S. Julia (VDH Ch Time Square Ulysses x ShCh S. Edwina) won the  Jun.class, Best Bitch and BOS.
S. Florentina won a large Open Class  with CK-
ShCh S. Heather won the Champ.Class and came 3rd best Bitch.
Unfortunately we had to leave before the Finals to start the long way home.

Needless to say we were extremely proud and happy with our results.
I took 3 of my youngsters with me to show in Oslo - Oslo is “only” 7 hours away by car, one way.

Sunday was the Norw.Retr.Club, June 7th
Judge: Petra Bannach, Germany


Surprisings Idris (Multi Ch Carpenny Scenario x S. Florentina) won Interm.Class with CK, res CC and came 2 BD.
His litter sister S. Isolde also won her Class with CK.
S. Julia (VDH Ch Time Square Ulysses x ShCh S. Edwina) won Jun.Class and was only beaten by the BOB winning Champion bitch.


Saturday was Norw.KC Int. in Drammen, June 6th.
Judge: Bjarne Sørensen, DK.


S. Idris came 2nd in Int.Cl with CK
Litter sister Isolde came 2nd with Ck in her class.
Julia struck again: won her class and were only beaten by the BOB winning Champion bitch.

Not a bad weekend, especially for Julia – not yet 1 year old!


I decided to travel to the 2 Shows in Ålesund on my own, even if it is quite a drive from Bergen. The roads are narrow along the coast and over mountains and fjords.
It is spectacular scenery though!
After 18 hours drive, handling dogs over two days, I felt in my body - I am not as young as I used to be!!
The results however, were super, the long drive home felt so much easier. But it was not before Wednesday that I slowly came back to life again.


Norw.Kennel Club’s International ShCh.Show in Ålesund, 10.05-15
Judge: Anne-Berith Waskaas, Norway


I was over the moon when young Isolde won the Jun Class, the Bitch CC  and finally BOB.
Her mother, Florentina won the res CACIB and went 3rd best Bitch.
What a weekend!


Norw.Retr.Club, Ålesund, 09.05.-15
Judge: Siv Sandø, Norway

Foto: P.Brown
Foto: P.Brown

I was thrilled when Herman, Heather’s litter brother won his qualifying last CC.
is now a Show Champion!!  He also won Best Dog and BOS
Our young yellow Julia, still not 12 months old had a fabulous day
again winning the Jun Class, the CC and BOB.
If that wasn’t enough, she also was Best in Show-2.
Our black Isolde came 4th best bitch


NKK INT Show in Bergen 11.04-15
Judge: Sv. Slettedal


While I was heaving a lovely time in USA at the fabulous Potomac, what a great Show it is - daughter Anne was showing our dogs at the Norw.KC Show with great success!
ShCh Surprising's Heather (Multi Ch Labry Berry Sherbet at Play Mor x ShCh Surprising's Zelicia) won BOB and made the cut in the Group.
Surprising's Julia (VDHCh Time Square Ulysses x ShCh Surprising's Edwina) won the CC and BB-2 at only 10 months old and first time in Junior Class.
Surprising's Isolde (Multi Ch Carpenny Scenario x Surprising's Florentina) won res CC and came 3rd Best Bitch.
And finally, Heathers 2 litter brothers, Herman and Harry won res CC and CK and came 2 and 3 best Dog!!
What a day!!


Ølen/Etne/Vindafjord all breed Show, Etne 15th February-15
Judge: Arne Foss, N


Super day for us and N.Sw.ShCh. NV-07-10, NVV-14  S.Valiant (Rocheby Old Smokey x ShCh S. Justina) winning BOB, Group-4, and 2nd Best Veteran in Show.
Indigo won his class with CK and 4th BD
Herman came 2nd in Open and was 3rd BD
Isolde won her class, the res CC and BB-2
Puppy Julia made us proud too – by winning BOB and the Group for Puppies and finally Best in Show 2 .
Lovely to win with both a puppy and a Veteran!!


Norw.Retr.Club. Radøyhallen 07. Februar-15
Judge: Eva Rautala, Finland


Luck is a new Champion!! Heather won her qualifying CC, BOB and Best in Show-2!!
Isolde (Multi Ch Carpenny Scenario x S. Florentina) in JunClass came second to her and won the res CC
Her litter brother Indigo won his class and had a CK and BD-4.
Herman won res CC and was 2nd best dog.
Our lovely Julia at 8 months (VDHCh Time Square Ulysses x ShCh S. Edwina) had her debut in Puppy winning BOB and 2nd Best puppy in Show!!

NEWS IN 2014

NKK Norwegian Winner Show, Lillestrøm 14.11-14
Judge: David Shields, England


Herman won Intermediate class with CK and his litter sister Heather won her Intermediate class with CK and later on she won the bitch CC and third BB.
Once again Valiant made us proud by winning Best Veteran in Breed.
(Norwegian Veteran Winner 2014) He just loves to be shown again!!


NKK Nordic Winner Show, Lillestrøm 15.11-14
Judge: Vic Cole, England


Herman won the Int. class with Ck and was 4 BD.
Sister Heather was 2 best in Int. class.
Valiant was placed 2nd in Vet Class.


Norw.R.Club, Bergen 28th Sept-14
Judge: John Thirlwell, England


Once again my dear Valiant won Best Veteran in Breed but was beaten in the breed by young Herman who made us proud by winning the CC, BOB and 2nd Best in Show.
Litter sister Heather won the res CC and BB/2.

Emily was 2nd in Open with CK


BSBK (all breed) Show in Bergen, 27th September 2014
Judge: Vidar Grundetjern, N


Our old man Valiant, to our delight - struck again by winning Best of Breed, 3rd in Group 8 - and second Best Veteran in Show!!
The choc Harry (Ch Scherbet x ShCh Zelicia) won the Interm Class and res CC.
and his litter sister Heather once again won the bitch CC.
Emily (N.D Ch Rosepath Star Striker x ShCh Vanilla) came 3rd in Open.


The next day
The Norwegian Kennel Club, Drammen, June the 1st
Judge: Siv Sandø, N


Once again, our “young” old man Valiant, won the Veteran class, also 2nd Best Dog and Best Veteran in Breed.
Fiona came 3rd in Open.

Good weather made us able to drive home in “only” 6  hours!


Norw.Retriever Club Oslo. 31st May,2014-12-07
Judge: Sussie Wiles, England.


A very hot day in Oslo, young Herman (Labry Scherbet x Ch S. Zelicia) came 2nd in Jun. with CK. His litter sister Heather won Jun. bitches with CK and res CC.
S. Fiona (Mr. Darcy x Ch Augusta) came 2nd in Open with CK.
We were delighted when N.Sw.ShCh S. Valiant, for the first time in Veteran Class, won Best Veteran in Show!!

Norw.KC Int. All breed Show, Bergen 5th April 2014.
Judge: L. R. Hjorth (N)

We were so happy when our young S. Heather (Ch Labry Berry Scherbet of Play More x S. Zelicia) won the bitch CC and BOS!
Her litter brother Herman won his second CC and was only beaten by the Finnish BOB-winner.
These two youngsters have done extremely well so far and are lovely dogs to live with!
ShCh S. Elias won a CK in Ch.class.


The show season started in a glorious way for us.
ShCh S. Zelicia won BOB and later on Best in Show when the Norw.Retr.Club, Bergen had their 30. years Anniversary Show February the 8th.
Her son, Herman won the dog CC from Jun.class and was BOS.

Zelicia has not been shown since 2010 when she won BOB at the Norw.Retr.Club’s big. 50th Anniversary Show in Oslo (judged by Mrs.Donaghue).



Norw.Retr.Club, Bergen 08.02.2014
Judge: Siv Sandø


Sh.Ch. Zelicia won BOB and later Best in Show.
Her son Herman (by Multi Ch Labry Berry Scherbet at Play Mor) won the dog CC and BOS.
His litter brother Harry came second to him in Jun.class.
ShCh S. Elias came third best Dog.
Heather came second in Jun Class with a CK
and Emily placed second in Open.

A truly great Show for us!!


Surprising's Herman

Surprising's Harry
NEWS IN 2013

We had a splendid weekend here in Bergen the 28th and 29th of Sept-2013 making up one new Show Champions, (our 110th)


The first Show was arranged by BSBK (All Breeds).
Judge: Andrzej Stepinski, Poland.


S. Fletcher (Multi Ch FT Ch Charm Blueveil Mr Darcy x ShCh S. S. Augusta) won the dog CC, his all important after his 2 years birthday.
S. Florentina – his litter sister came 2nd in Open.
Puppy S. Heather was best puppy in breed and 3rd in Group 8 Puppy.


Sunday was The Norw.Retr.Club’ Show.
Judge: Per Iversen, Norway.


ShCh S. Fletcher was BOS, again.

S. Florentina won Open class and CC. What a weekend!!
S. Emily came 3rd in Open
Our choc Heather won 2nd  best Puppy in Show.


Also a great thrill to see 3 of my (8) grandchildren compete in Children handling Class.
They just loved it – and so did I!!


Norw.Kennel Club Int. Show in Stavanger Sept.15th -13
Judge: Mrs. M. Hathaway, England

We were overjoyed when Caspar (Mallorn’s Romeo x ShCh NW-07 S. Rosanna) won his 3rd CC and is now ShCh S. Caspar!!

S. Florentina (Multi Ch Charm Blueveil Mr Darcy x ShCh S. Augusta)
won the Intermediate Class.
S. Emily (N.Dk ShCh Rosepath Star Striker x ShCh S. Vanilla)
came second in Open and won the res. CC.

This weekend I showed at 2 Shows at the eastern part of Norway.

Norw.Retr.Club at Biri  11/8-2013
Judge: Lisbeth Beck, Denmark.

I was very happy today when Surprising’ Emily won her first CC and BOS, Yesterday was the first time she was shown!
Emily is the litter sister to Ch Edwina, Ch Embla, Ch Emilio and Ch Elias.


Young Heather at 7 months won Best puppy, again.


The Elverum Show for all hunting breeds 10/8-2013
Judge: Anne L. Buvik, Norway.


Surprising’s Emily won an Excellent and was 4th in Open class.


We had a lovely weekend in Nordfjordeid. The weather was good, the surroundings beautiful and as always the officials at this Show create a most pleasant atmosphere.

Eid Hundeklubb at Nordfjordeid, 23rd June.
Judge: Siv Sandø, Norway.

A super day for us!
Surprising's Caspar (Mallorns Romeo x ShCh N.Winner-7 S.Rosanna) won his 2nd CC.

Surprising's Embla (SHCh Edwina's litter sister) won her 3rd CC and became our 108 homebred Champion!! I am so very happy!!


Norw.Retr.Club at Nordfjordeid, 22nd June.
Judge: Karin Eriksson, Sweden.

Surprising's Caspar had a VG
Surprising's Embla won the res.CC

Our Chocolate puppy Heather made our day by winning Best Puppy and Best Puppy in Show!!! (Wish we had a better picture of her).


The Norwegian Kennel Club Show in Ålesund.
Judge: Rune Fagerstrøm, Finland.


Splendid day as S. Embla to our great joy won her 2nd CC !


Norw.Retriever Club at Valldal (outside Ålesund) May the 4th
Judge: Birgitte Jørgensen, Danmark.


S. Embla (ShCh Edwina’s litter sister was 3rd in Open.
Our chocolate puppy Heather (Multi Ch Labry Berry Scherbet of Play More x ShCh S. Zelicia) at her first Show won BOB Puppy.


Norw.Retriever Club at Orre (outside Stavanger) 28 April.
Judge: Karin Ericsson, Sweden.


Heavy rain and strong wind,  tents were flying – but nothing could stop Edwina winning her qualifying Certificate
and BOB.  5 hours to drive home and soaking wet but nothing mattered. There is nothing like making up a new Champion!!!!
She is now Norw.ShCh Surprising’s Edwina (N.D.ShCh Rosepath Starstriker x ShCh S. Vanilla) our 107th Champion.


Norw.Kennel Club Int. in Bergen  April the 7th     
Judge: Bertil Lundgren, Sweden.


We had a splendid day with ShCh Surprising’s Elias winning BOB
Charles and Caspar (Mallorn’s Romeo x ShCh S. Rosanna) had both Exc and were nicely placed.

Embla (Elias’ litter sister) won Open and Alina were 3rd
Dear old ShCh S. Stephanie (Fin Ch Mailiksen Gentleman x ShCh. S. Justina) won BOB Veteran.

Judge: Jan Roger Sauge, Norway.

We had a very pleasant day at the Show with ShCh Emilio (Ch Rosepath Starstriker x Ch
S. Vanilla) once again winning BOS.
Surprising’s Charles (Mallorns Romeo x Ch S.Rosanna) won an Exc and came 2nd in Open.

Surprising’s Anthony won an Exc and was once again used in Childrens Handling Class by  little Eivind this time. He is a wonderful dog, always willing to please!!

Surprising’s Embla (Emilio’s litter sister)  to our great joy won the bitch CC at her first Show ever.
Litter sister Edwina won an Exc.


Our clever young ShCh Surprising’s Emilio, has after some few months of training with his equally clever owner Yngvil, qualified himself as Avalanche Rescue Dog Class C
(Godkjent klasse C Redningshund).
We are so proud of them both!

NEWS IN 2012
Yet another great day  for us!!

Judge: A.C. Johansson, Sweden.

ELIAS (N.ShCh Rosepath Star Striker x ShCh S. Vanilla) won the dog CC, his third and is now a Norw.ShCh.
ShCh EMILIO, litter brother and crowned the day before was BOS.
Caspar (Mallorns Romeo x SHCh NW-07 S. Rosanna) was placed 3rd in Open

Young FLORENTINA  (Multi Ch.Fr.FT Ch Charm Blueveil Mr Darcy x ShCh S. Augusta) charmed herself into a new BOB and we were thrilled when she was later on - BIS-2.
EDWINA, litter sister to Emilio and Elias came 2nd in Open and 3rd B. bitch.

A fantastic weekend making up two new homebred ShChampions - bringing the record up to 106!!!
We are delighted with our E-litter. They are only just 2 years old so here are more to come!!


BSBK CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW, Bergen 29th September 2012.
Judge: Carl-Gunnar Stafberg, Sweden

 What a splendid day for us!
S. EMILIO (Norw.ShCh Rosepath Star Striker X ShCh S. Vanilla) at his 3rd Show - won the dog CC and BOS!!!
This made him a Champion and we are so proud of him!!
S. ELIAS, his litter brother, came 2nd to him with res.CC.
S. CASPAR (Mallorns Romeo X N.ShCh N.Winner07 S. Rosanna) won an Exc.and CK.

Our Star of the day was FLORENTINA (Multi Ch Fr.FT Ch Charm Blueveil Mr Darcy X N.ShCh S.Justina).
Our brilliant young show girl at only 12 mths won the bitch CC - BOB and was later on placed 4th in the Group.


The Elverum Centennial Show for all Hunting breeds, August 11th.
Judge: Sven Slettedal, Norway.      

Had a super day at the big Elverum Show, the weather was lovely and the competition hot!

Norw.Swed.ShCh NW-07 Valiant (Rocheby Old Smokey x ShCh S. Justina) enjoyed being back in the ring after some years, in great shape he won BOB and Group-2 !!
Young Fletcher (Int.It.Ch Fr.F.T.Ch
Charm Blueveil Mr.Darcy x ShCh S. Augusta) at 11 months started his career by winning the Jun class and went on to win the dog CC.

His litter sister Florentina also won her Jun class, CK and came 3rd  Best Bitch.
Alina (S.Valiant x ShCh S. Rosanna) also did well by winning a 3rd place in Open with CK.




The next day was the Norw.Retr.Club at Gjøvik, August 12th.
Judge: Arne Foss. Norway.

Fletcher delighted us again by winning the Jun class, the dog CC and BOS!!
Florentina won the Jun.class, the resCC and was 3rd best Bitch.

Alina won Open class and the CC and was 2nd Best Bitch only beaten by the BOB winning bitch.
ShCh Vanilla  (Valiant’s litter sister) was placed 2nd in Ch.class with CK and was 4th best Bitch

Fletcher at 11 months
I went to Nordfjordeid for two Shows, such a lovely scenery it is driving from Bergen and upwards!

Norw.Retr.Club, Norfjordeid 16th June.
Judge: Yvonne Larsson, Sw. 

The choc boy Surprising’s Davie (N.S. Ch Mementos Mario x N.D. ShCh S. Zelica), did well and to my great thrill won his 3rd Certificate and became our 104th Show Ch.
He was also BOB!!
Young Florentina (Int.It.Ch FT Ch Charm Bluveil Mr.Darcy x N.ShCh S. Augusta) was out for the first time in Junior, winning the Jun Class, CK and 3rd Best Bitch.
Edwina (N.ShCh Rosepath Star Striker x N.ShCh S. Vanilla) was placed 3rd in Open with CK.



Next day in Nordfjordeid, the 17th June.
Judge: Barbro Gjerde, Norway.

Surprising’s Davie won the Ch.class and BOS
Florentina won the Jun Class and the res.CC  only beaten by
Edwina who won her second CC, BOB and to our great joy – the Best in Show.

We were extremely proud and happy when Surprising’s Davie won his 3rd CC  at the Norw. Retr. Club Show at Nordfjordeid - and became our 104th  homebred Sh Champion.

Our ShCh VANILLA has been mated (AI) with Int.NL German Ch Carpenny Scenario (Rockledge Wordsmith of Carpenny x Eng ShCh Carpenny Whist).  We are expecting a litter of black puppies in the end of July.


Norw.Kennel Club International Show in Lillesand, May 13th 2012.
Judge, Anne Liland (kennel Licitha).

Our young boy Elias (Norw.ShCh Rosepath Starstriker x ShCh S. Vanilla) won the CC, CACIB and was BOS.
His litter sister Edwina won the Intermed.Class with CK.

A little tired Florentina was beaten in the breed by her young relative Mambrinos Uilleam (Norw.Swed.Sh Surprising’s Valiant x M.Holly Berry) which also won the puppy Group and BIS-4.
Valiant is very proud of him and also proud of his litter sister Ulyssa, who won Best Puppy in Show at the Norw. Retr.Club Show in Oslo last weekend.

Norw.Retr.Club in Kristiansand, May 12th 2012.
Judge, Kjell Svensson, Sweden.

A lovely show in the most beautiful surroundings – and with a most pleasant result as Surprising’s Davie (Sw.Norw.Ch Mementos Mario x Norw.Dan.ShCh S. Zelicia) won his second CC and was Best Dog (BOS).
S. Edwina came second in Intermediate with Exc. and CK.
Puppy Florentina (Int.It.Ch. FT-Champion Charm Blueveil Mr.Darcy x ShCh S. Augusta) once again won Best Puppy in Show!!



Norw.Retriever Club in Stavanger May 6th 2012, judge Per Iversen.

Young Emilio (ShCh Rosepath Starstriker x ShCh S. Vanilla) at his 2nd Show won the dog CC and went BOB!!!
His litter sister Edwina were placed 2nd in Intermediate and had a CK.


Our puppy Florentina (Int Ch FT Ch Charm Blueveil Mr.Darcy x ShCh S. Augusta) had a super start at her first show winning Best puppy in Show.


Norw. Kennel Club Int.Ch.Show April 14th 2012 in Bergen.
Judge Eeva Rautala, Finland.

The young litter brother and sisters, Emilio and Edwina (Norw.Ch Rosepath Starstriker x Ch. S. Vanilla)  had a super day winning each their very important CC’s from Intermediate class.
The old man, Ch S. Maximilian (Ch.Birchbrook Barley Wine of Charway x Ch S. Geannie), at 11 years loved being back in the ring again winning BOB-veteran and 3rd best dog.
Caspar had an Exc and won 2nd in Open dog with CK.
Alina had an Exc and were also 2nd in Open bitch with CK.
We were pleased when our Breeders Group was best in the breed and had an Honour Price with a super critic!


The Norw.Retriever Club Show in Bergen,  February 11th 2012. Judge A. Cardell, Sweden.

Lovely to be back in the ring for the first time since my knee operation. I felt great at first, but unfortunately didn’t last long.

Davie won the Open class and the res CC and Caspar had an exc and came 4th.
Young Edwina was Best young dog in Show. Debbie, Davie’s litter sister had an exc and came 2nd in Open (handled by her owner at her first dog show).

ShCh S. Vanilla (R. Old Smokey x ShCh S. Justina) in great condition, delighted us by winning Best in Show!!

NEWS IN 2011

Two happy faces – both 11 years old. Grand daughter Nora winning Childrens  Handling Class with Ch NW-02-03 Nord.W-02 Surprising’s Louisa.


September 16th.  ShCh S. Augusta whelped a lovely litter of 9. (1 yellow, 2 black dogs, 2 yellow bitches 4 black bitches).


Norw. Kennel Club Int. Ch.Show in Rogaland  Sept. 10th.
S. Charles (Mallorns Romeo x ShCh N.W-07 S.Augusta) won an Exc and came 2nd in Intermediate.
Young Edwina (N.Dk.ShChRosepath Star Striker x ShCh S. Vanilla) and S. Alina (ShCh NW-07-10 S. Valiant x ShCh NW07 S. Augusta) had both exc and was well placed in their classes.
Our Star of the day was young Elias, at his first Show he won the Jun.Class and the dog  CC.


19.07-11. Our ShCh S. Augusta has been mated  (AI) to the Italian top winning Multichampion, Int.Ch and French FT.Ch Charm Blueveil Mr. Darcy. Puppies are expected  around 19th of September.


Norw.Retr.Club Championship Show in Sogn 26th June.
To our great pleasure Surprising’s Caspar (Mallorns Romeo x ShCh N_W.07 S.Rosanna) won the Jun.Class and his first CC!! 
Jan Roger Sauge was judging.


I have for some years now been troubled with considerable pain in my knees.
May 24th I had to give in and went to Hospital to have a complete knee replacement in my right knee (to start with).  No judging – no showing for this invalid for quite a length of time, I am afraid. I am not a patient person so this is quite a challenging time for me.


Norw.Retr.Club Championship Show in Stavanger May the 01.

Young Surprising’s Charles (Mallorns Romeo x ShCh NW-07 S.Rosanna) had a super day winning his first CC and BOS.
His litter sister S.Alice had an excellent and was 3rd in Open.


Norw. Kennel Club Int. in Bergen,  April 10th

Surprising’s Davie (N.Sw.Ch Memento’s Mario x N.Dk.ShCh S.Zelicia) won the CC from Junior Class.
S.Anthony (N.Sw.Ch S.Valiant x N ShCh NW-07 S.Rosanna) won Open class with exc. and his litter sister Alina won 2nd best in Open.
Sh.Ch S. Nanna (Sh Ch Annuals on the Rock x ShCh S.Justina  won BOB Veteran.


Norw.Retr.Club Championship Show  in Bergen 12th Februar.

Surprising’s Derek (Ch Memento’s Mario x N.Dk. ShCh S.Zelicia)  made his debut in the showring by winning the Junior Class with Excellent.
S. Charles (Mallorns Romeo x ShChN-W-07 S.Rosanna)  was 2nd best in Interm.Class with excellent.
S.Anthony (N.Sw.ShCh Valiant x ShCh S.Rosanna) won the res.certificate.
Anthony’s litter sister Alice had an excellent and was 3rd inOpen.

Our pride of the day was dear old ShCh S.Nanna (ShCh Annuals on the Rocks x ShCh S.Justina) winning Best in Show Veteran.
She thoroughly enjoyed her day!!

NEWS IN 2010
My grandchilden Håkon and Ingeborg enjoying the puppies.

Norw.Retr.Club ChShow 26th September in Bergen. Judge: Maudie Burke from Ireland.

Anthony won Open with Ck.
Alina, to our delight won her second Certificate.
Our newly crowned ShCh Augusta in great condition won BOB!!



BSBK’s ChShow 25th Sept. in Bergen. Judge B. Espeland (N).

Young Davie had his debut winning  Excellent and 2nd in Jun with CK.
Anthony won Open with CK.
We are very proud of our Augusta winning her 3rd Certificate . She is now ShCh Surprising’s Augusta.
Her litter sister Alina came second to her.


21st of September we had a lovely litter of 9 -  5 males and 4 bitches, all yellow.
They are out of our ShCh Vanilla by the top winning youngster Rosepath Star Striker.


Norw. Kennel Club Int. Show (Norw. Winner Show) in Oslo 15th August. Judge:  T. Sørbye, (N)

S. Anthony won Open again with CK  -  and so did his litter sister Augusta.
Norw.Swed. ShCh  Valiant won the CACIB, best dog and a new title – namely Norw.Winner 2010.


Norw. Kennel Club Int.Show 14th August in Oslo. Judge: K. Nieminen (F) and E. Rodin (Sw).

Anthony won Open class with CK.
Litter sister . Augusta won her 2nd Certificate and res. CACIB

The World Dog Show and the two circuit Shows in Denmark 24th -  26th June.
We enjoyed showing at the 3 great Shows and was especially pleased
for winning BOB on Friday.
At the WDS Norw.Sw Sh S. Valiant came 3rd in a huge Champion class.

Well done ShCh S. Zelicia for winning the CC and BOB at the Danish Retr.Club
(WDS Circuit Show) June 25th (180 labradors entered).
She is now both a Norwegian and a Danish ShChampion.
N.Sw.ShCh Valiant was 4th Best Dog.

Saturday June 26th  was the next Circuit Show.  We did well again with Valiant placed 2nd  in a huge Open class.
ShCh S. Stephanie came 3rd in a great Champion Class.

A big  thank you to the two Specialist judges from Finland,
Kirsi Loumanen and Hannele Jokisilta.
Zelicia won the CC and BOB at the Norwegian Retriever Clubs 50th Year Anniversary Show in Oslo May 22.
She is now ShCh S. Zelicia!!
ShCh Konstance winning the Veteran class in Oslo
We had a great day 17th April at the Norw.Kennel Club Int.Show in Bergen. Surprising's Zaltho won the CC, BOB and came 4th in the Gundog Group - and became our 101st Champion.
Our grand old lady ShCh Louisa at nearly 10, thoroughly enjoyed her day out and was bitch and was pulled out in The Best Veteran in Show.
Our 100th homebred Show Champion!!!

We were extremely proud and happy when Surprising’s Zackarias won his 3rd CC  at the Norw.K.C Int Show at Bø - and became our 100th  homebred Sh Champion.
Picture shows Zackarias with a delighted breeder and the Lab-judge Anki Johansson from Sweden.

NEWS IN 2009
Norw.Kennel Klub Int. ChShow Kristiansand 09.05-09
Judge Mrs. B. Gjerde, Norway  
S.N. ShCh Valiant BOB, Cacib,  Best-in-Group-2
S. Wesley Best dog-2, Certificate, res.Cacib
S.Zackarias Best dog-3, CK
S. Zelicia BoS, Cacib, Certificate
ShCh N-W. Louisa (vet) Best bitch-2, res Cacib
Norw.Retr.Club ChShow Kristiansand 10.05-09
Judge Mr. B. Lundgren, Sweden  
S.N.ShCh S. Valiant BoS, CK
S. Wesley Best dog-2, Certificate( NEW CHAMPION !!)
S. Zackarias Best dog-3, CK
S. Zelicia BOB, certficate
S. Augusta Best Jun.class HP
Norw.Kennel Club Int. Bergen 20th March
Judge: Kari Granås Hansen  
Zaltho CK   4 best dog
Wesley CK   3 best dog
Robbie res Cacib Cert CK   (champion today !)
ShCh Valiant Cacib CK BOB  BIG-3
Zelicia CK
Vilma CK
Vanilla res Cacib Cert CK 2 best bitch  (Champion today !)
ShCh Louisa CK    3. Best Veteran In Show
Ølve/Etne/Vindafjord 15.02.09
Judge: M. Holm-Hansen, Denmark  
Zackarias CK
Wesley CK
N.Sw.ShCh.NW-07 Valiant CK BOB BIG-1
Zelicia HP
Norw.Retr.Club ChShow Bergen 14.02.09
Judge: Sverre Sand  
Zackarias CK
Wesley CK
N.Sw.ShCh.NW-07 Valiant CK BOB
Zelicia HP
Augusta Best Puppy in Show
NEWS IN 2008
2008 turned out to be a super year for us!  We did not show a lot -
only at 10 Championshows in Norway  - but out of the 10 Shows we won
BOB at 9 of them!! 
Also made up 2 new ShCh,  won 2 Gundog groups and a Best in Show (NRK).
Valiant, our pride and joy was NORWAY's TOP WINNING LAB 2008
This years litter were born 9th August,  8 lovely black puppies, 4 dogs and 4 bitches.
Sired by N.S.ShCh NorwW-07 Surprising's Valiant and out of
N ShCh NorwW-07 Surprising's Rosanna (Norways Top Winning Lab 2007).
Norw. Kennel Club Hamar 21-23/11-08
Judge: Valerie Foss, England  
N.S.ShCh Valiant CK        3
Zackarias CK
Vanilla   CK        3
ShCh Trixiebelle CK
Norw.Retr.Club Bergen 28/9-08
Judge:  Rosemary Wild, Schweiz
N.S ShCh  Valiant CK       BOB  Best in Show
Zackarias Cert.
N.S. ShCh Trixiebelle CK       BOS
Zelicia     CK
BSBK Bergen, 17/9-08
Judge: J. Halvorsen, Norway  
N.S.ShCh Valiant CK     BOB  Group-1
Zackarias CK
Paddy CK
N ShCh Trixiebelle CK     BOS
Zelicia CK
Norw.Kennel Club Stavanger 13-14/9-08
Judge: Frank W Bjerklund, Norway
N.S.ShCh Valiant Cacib     BOB  Group-3
Robbie CK
Zelicia CK
NJF Elverumsutstillingen (All Hunting Dogs) 9th August 2008
Judge: Inge E:son Thoor, Sweden
CC  BOB  Best In Group BIS-2  Surprising's Valiant
CK  3rd Best Bitch                    Surprising's Vanilla
HP  in Veteran Bitches     ShCh Surprising's Justina                  
We are proud and delighted - this was Valiant's qualifying CC (after turning 2 years old)
He is now Norw. Swed. ShCh NW-07 Surprising's Valiant
                                                                                                                                         THE  CIRCUIT CHAMPIONSHIPSHOWS,  Friday and Saturday, July 4th /5th

THE WORLD DOG SHOW,  Sunday,  July 6th
3 delightful days, lots of lovely dogs - between 200 and 300 Labs were entered every day!We met both old friends and made new friends from all over the world.
The 3 Shows were brilliantly arranged and had a most pleasant atmosphere - the Surprising's labradors did extremely well all 3 days  -  we enjoyed it immensely!!! 
Judging dogs:  Mr A. Allen, England, bitches: Mr J. Nolan, England
1. winner open, Certificate  NW-07 Surprising's Valiant
excellent  Surprising's Vanilla
excellent ShCh.NW-07 Surprising's Rosanna
Judging dogs: Ms L. Minchella, England, bitches: Ms A. Taylor, England
2. winner open NW-07  Surprising's Valiant
excellent Surprising's Vanilla
2. winner Ch Class ShCh.NW-07 Surprising's Rosanna
Judging dogs: Ms E. Jayes, England, bitches: Ms M. Prior, England
2. winner open, reserve Certificate NW-07 Surprising's Valiant
2. winner open, reserve  Certificate ShCh Surprising's Trixiebelle
4. winner Ch Class ShCh.NW-07 Surprising's Rosanna
Winner Class bitches World Show 2008
Rosanna at the World Show 2008                      Vanilla at the Circuit Show Friday
Valiant winning the CC at Circuit Show Friday
Norw.Kennel Club Kristiansand 4/5-08
Judge, Marjo Jakkola, Finland
CC  CACIB BOB Surprising's Wesley
CK  CACIB BOS  ShCh NV-06 Surprising's Trixiebelle
Norw.Retr.Club ChampionshipShow, Kristiansand 3/5-08
Judge Keith Young, England.
CC    BOB Surprising's Samantha
CK              Surprising's Wesley    (Best Youngster in Show)
We are delightet to announce Samantha as our 95th homebred ShChampion!!!
Førde Brukshundklubb 27/4-08
Judge, Bjarne Sørensen, Norway
CC    BOB  Surprising's Samantha
HP               Surprising's Wesley
Zelicia the puppy, made me very proud by winning BOB puppy,
Best in Group and Best in Show-reserve
Norw.Kennel Club Int. Ch.Show,  Bergen  29/3
Judge Ole Staunskjær, Denmark.
CACIB BOB   ShCh Surprising's Stephanie
CACIB BOS   ShCh Surprising's Linus
CC              S. Samantha
Norw.Retr.Club ChampionshipShow, Bergen 9/2-08
Judge Kjell Svensson, Sweden
CC BOB     NV-07 Surprising's Valiant
CC BOS               Surprising's Vanilla
CK, best dog-2    S. Wesley
CK                     S. Vilma
CK                     S. Wilhelmina
NEWS IN 2007

ShCh NW-07 Surprising's Rosanna
(ShCh S. Maximilian x Norw.ShCh Norw.W-02-03 Nord.W-02 Surprising's Louisa)

The Norwegian Winner Show,  Int. ChShow at Hamar 23-25 November
Specialist breed judge: Guy Spagnolo, (Australia)
What a super day for us!!
Best bitch and BOB was won by our Ch Surprising's Rosanna
Best dog and BOS was won by young Surprising's Valiant
Both Wesley and Wilhelmina won their Junior classes and the two (young) oldies Ch Linus and Louisa won CK, (Louisa was placed 3rd best bitch).
No need to tell that the 9 hours drive back home - over snowy mountains and icy roads - felt quite like an easy trip!!
We had a super weekend at the Norw.Retr.Club Spec. ChShow 25th Aug. for breed-judge Jef Verrees and the following day at the Norw. Retr.Club ChShow for SIv Sandø, also a breed-judge!!

ShCh Rosanna  won BOB both days!!
Little Wilhelmina (picture) won BIS-puppy both days.
Young Valiant won another ticket the first day.
AND if that wasn't enough - our chocolate NW-06 Trixiebelle won her qualifing ticket at 2 years of age and became our 93 Norw. ShChampion ! ! !

We are thrilled and delighted to
announce our homebred
ShChampion no.  90 !!

The picture is taken by our brilliant photographer Peter Wrigglesworth. We are very grateful  to Peter who is responsible for a lot of our recent pictures. 
Norw.ShCh Surprising's Rosanna
(ShCh Surprising's Maximilian x
ShChN.W-02-03Nord.W-02 Surprising's Louisa)
We were delighted when our Breeders Class won Best in Show at the Norw.KC Int Championship in Bergen in March 2007.
Best in Show judge: Dr. Tamas Jakkel from Hungary.
From left:
ShCh. S. Linus, ShCh S. Rosanna, ShCh S. Stephanie and S. Valiant.