N ShCh Surprising's Fletcher

D.o.B  16.09.2011
Hips:   A
Elbows:  0-0


It.Fr.Sw.Cr.Int Ch Fr.FT.Ch Charm Blueveil Mr.

Ch Langshott Gale Force from Kimvalley

Eng.ShCh Sandylands Gad About
Kimvalley Follow on to Langshott

Am.Ch Charm Dancing to the Music
Blueveil Balanshine
Am Ch Hitmans Charm N Ginger

N ShCh Surprising's Augusta

Norw.Swed.ShCh NORW. W-07 Surprising's Valiant
Rocheby Old Smokey
Norw.ShCh Surprising's Justina

Norw.ShCh Norw. W-07
Surprising's Rosanna
Norw.ShCh Surprising's Maximilian
Norw.ShCh Norw.W-02-03 Nord.W-02 Surprising's Louisa

Fletcher at 11 months