Norw.ShCh Surprising's Geannie

D.o.B: 29.07.1996
Hips: Free
Elbows: 0-1

This autumn we had to say farewell to dear old ShCh Geannie at 13 years old. Always kind and gentle, much loved by all of us.
She was the mother to 7 ShowChampions - among them ShCh Justina

                            At 9 years old





Winnie's Frankfurter Team

Fieldvalley's Fabianco

Norw.ShCh Lundsidens Alex

Norw.ShCh Fieldvalley's Alina Mertoun

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Novacroft Magnum

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Norw.ShCh Surprising's Christina

Ch Kupros Master Mariner

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Int.Nord.ShCh Norw.W-78 Licithas Blizzard

Norw.ShCh Nord.W-84 Surprising's Norah

8 weeks old