Norw.ShCh Norw.W-02-03 Nord.W-02 Surprising's Louisa

D.o.B: 18.11.2000
Hips: Free
Elbows: 0-0

We were terribly upset and sorry when we lost our dear Louisa on Christmas day 2012, she was 12 years old.

Louisa was one of our top winning dogs ever and a great personality.

David Craig, (Foulby Labradors) and breed note writer in “Dog World” wrote this:
" I will always remember Louisa as one of the very best Labradors  I have ever judged. She was the living proof that a chocolate Labrador CAN be top class – I loved everything about her and she was so thoroughly LABRADOR through and through.”

She was Norway’s Top winning Labrador both in 2002 and 2003 and nr 5 top winning dog All Breeds 2003 (Bamselisten).
In all she won 28 BOB and 2 BOS.
6 Groups at all breed shows (between them the Group at the big KC Int. Hamar Show where she was placed  Bis-4 both in 2002 and 2003. She was also were nicely placed in another 11 Groups. 
She won 4 times Best in Show at the Norw.Retr. Club Show.

But above all she was a wonderful dog to live with and dearly loved by the whole family. We miss her immensely.

She was mother to 5 Champions – among them ShCh Rosanna (Norways Top winning Labrador 2007) and ShCh NW-06 Trixiebelle.





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8 weeks old


Winning the Group and BIS 4 at the Norw.K.C. Hamar 2003.

Winning BIS at the Norw.Retr.Club in September 2003.

Winning BIS at the Norw.Retr.Club in February 2004.

Winning BIS at the Norw.Retr.Club in September 2004.