After judging around the world for more than 40 years,
I decided in 2018 to withdraw due to health problems.
Hip and knee replacements has made me unable to walk without walking sticks.

I have had the great honor to be invited to judge some of the greatest and most prestigious Dog Shows /Breed Shows in almost every corner of the world.
And I have thoroughly enjoyd the many small and well run Shows!

I have met many fabulous dog people and made lifelong friendships. 
I have also been fortunate to have seen and judged most of the top dogs through the last decades!

I will of course go on breeding Labradors for the rest of my life. 

I am very proud to have bred 130 ShChampions from 16 generations of homebred bitches so far!



I was authorized to judge in 1974 – and was at that time Norway’s first specialist judge for Labrador.
I am an International FCI Judge for the following breeds:


FCI Group 2:

Appenzell Cattle Dog
Bernese Mountain Dog
Bordeaux Dog
Cane Corso
Dogo Argentino
English Mastiff
Entlebuch Cattle Dog
Fila Brasileiro
Great Swiss Mountain Dog
Neapolitan Mastiff
Perro De Presa Mallorquin
Saint Bernhard Rough
Saint Bernhard Smooth
Shar Pei
Spanish Mastiff
Tibetan Mastiff

FCI Group 6:



FCI Group 7:

All breeds


FCI Group 8:

All breeds



In Switzerland  judging  the RCS’s Club Show in Zurich,  August 25th 2018.


At the Regional Club Show RCF in Fontainebleau (France) May 26th 2018 judging Labradors.


Judging males at the Golden Retriever Club’  Spesialutstilling «Advent’s-Austellung» 25.11.2017 i Cloppenburg, Tyskland.


A great Club Show in Banja Luka,  Bosnia Hercegovina 08.04.2017.
The most spectacular ring I have ever judged in and excellent dogs

Swedish Winner Show, Stockholm 13-14.2014.
Fantastic Show, lovely dogs.
Prague Expo Dog, 01.11.-14

Judging the Prague Expo Dog 01.11.14. This dog won BOB and later on no. 2 in Group-8.


Riga, Latvia 13th September 2014 judging Retrievers.

Riga, Latvia 13.09-14 judging Retrievers.

Riga, Latvia 13.09.14
In Helsinki,  Finland the 26th and 27th of July judging Molossers, Dalmatian, Leonberger, some Setters and St.Bernhard first day.
Next day, some Retrievers and Am.Cockers.

The International Spring Show in Madrid 24-25 May 2014.


Judging the International Spring Show in Madrid. 140 Labradors were entered!


In Switzerland  (International all breed Show in Geneva) 16th  and 17th November.

In Lich, Germany 07. September 2013
BOB labrador in Bleiswijk 03.11.12

Judging Slovensky Hrubosrsty Stavac in Bleiswijk 4/11-12.


Judging Irish Setter in Bleiswijk 4/11-12 (BOB & BOS)


Judging Group 8 in Bleiswijk 3/11-12 (the Cocker was later BIS-2)


Judging the Golden Speciality in Odessa, Ukraine Oct. 14th.
Also some Gundogs, Molossers and others from Group 2.

Judging Labradors in Odessa, Ukraina October 13th.
(This bitch later won the Group and BIS-2)

Judging Lagotto and many different breeds at the Norw.KC International Show in Tromsø, September 2. 2012.


Judging Labradors in Kemi, Finland, July 22. 2012.


Judging Newfoundlands in Kemi, Finland. The dog later won BIG-3.

Judging Bernese Mountain dogs in Kemi, Finland

Somebody was pleased..............


Judging Springers in Kemi, Finland 22.07-12.

Judging(Springers)and the Gundog Group at Mo i Rana, this dog later won Best in Show.

Judging Drentsche Patrijshond in Mo i Rana 10.06.2012.


Judging Berner Sennen i Mo i Rana 10.06.2012.


Judging the Bernese Mountain dog Speciality Show in Sofia, Bulgaria, April 29th 2012.


Judging The Bulgarian Labrador Speciality (called the Surprising Club Show) in Sofia, April 28th 2012.


Judging Golden in Moscow in February 2012, this is my BOB and BOS.


Judging Labradors 19.02.12 in Moscow.
Best male and his son as reserve best male.


Judging Best in Show at the Swedish Spaniel and Retriever Club Show in Dingtuna,  September 4th-2011.


My BOB and BOS in Dingtuna, Sweden, September 4th.


Judging Best in Show 13.08-2011 at the DRC Championship Show in Gut Emkendorf (Germany)

SKK Vasterås 17.04.2011.  BOB and BOS Irish Setter
SKK Vasterås 16.04.2011.  BOB and BOS Springer Spaniel

Reggio Emilio, Italy 20.03.2011. (Bitches judged by L. Nerilli)

Reggio Emilia, Italy 19.03.2011, BOB in English Setter
BOB Irish Setter, later Best in Group in Reggio Emilio, Italy 19.03.2011

Daughter Anne judging the East of England Ladies Kennel Society Open Show 30.01.2010.
BOB: Sandylands Spring Blossom of Baileydale.

Judging Molossers, Shar Pei, Bernese Mountaindogs and some Retrievers in Monza, Italy September 2010.
Judging the Lab. Club Show, Bennekom, Holland, April 2010.
Judging Labradors at the Finnish Kennel Club Int. Winner Show in  Helsinki 12. December 2009
Judging the Gundog Group at the Finnish Kennel Club Int. Winner Show in  Helsinki 12. December 2009
Judging Springer Spaniels at the Finnish Kennel Club Int. Winner Show in  Helsinki 13. December 2009.
Judging Bernese Mountain Dogs at the Norw.Kennel Club Int. Show in Hamar 3.- 4. October 2009.
Judging for the Retriever Club de France in Sully-sur-Loire 12th Sept.09
Judging Labradors for DRC outside Hannover in Germany 29.August -09
Judging Springer Spaniels at Limburgia Hondenshow in Netherland, July-09
Judging the International Dog Show "Winner 2009" in Tallin, Estonia 06/07.06.09.
Judging Springers Spaniels in Østersund (Sweden) 24. May 09.

Judging Int. ChShow in Goes, Holland 25. & 26. April 09.


Judging Int. ChShow in Goes, Holland 25. & 26. April 09.


Judging Int. chShow in Valladolid, Spain, 21. & 22: february 09.


Judging Golden Retriever in Germany, DRC Clubshau in November 08.


Judging Golden males and BOB at the FCI - EUROPEAN Dog Show in   Hungary 3. - 5. 2008


Judging Labs for the Hungarian Labrador Retriever Club 5/10-08,
pictured here with Peggy Rae (Cornland) and John Crook (Balrion)


Judging bitches at The Labrador Retriever Club
Championship Show in England, 7th June 2008

Judging Gundog Group, Poland, May 2008.


Judging St. Petersburg, Russia, April 2008.


Judging Best of breed, NKK at Bø 23. febr. 08.


Judging Best of breed, Monroe Kennel Club 29. Sept-07, Mitchigan, USA


Judging BIS  SSRK  Bergslagen - Sweden September 2007.


Judging Int. Rashondenshow, Mechelen, Belgia 18/19 August 2007


Judging Best In Show at Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland,
Edinburgh November 2006
Judging Best Puppy In Show GBAS Edinburgh November 2006
Judging BIS at the Norw.Spaniel Club in Oslo August 2006
Judging BOB Landseer at NKK Tromsø, 2006
Judging SSRK Hammaro, Sweden, Dec 2006
Judging for the Scottish Kennel Club 2004
Judging in Rapallo, Italy 2003
Judging Midland C. Lab. Retr. Club Championship Show, England 2003
Judging in Slovakia, May 2003
Judging at Potomac, USA, 2002
Judging at Dampierre, France,  2002
Judging NKK Hamar, Norway, November 2000
Judging SSK Halmstad, Sweden, July 2000
Judging in Johannesburg, South Africa,  2000
Judging Sundsvall, Sweden, June 1998
Judging Alfna, Sweden, June 1998
Judging at the World Dog Show, Finland, 1998
Judging in Tel Aviv, Israel,  1998
Judging in Moscow, Russia, 1998
Judging the Curly Special, Sweden, August 1998
Judging Goldegg, Austria, May 1998
Judging in Kiel, Germany, June 1997
Judging Ulltuna, Sweden, August 1995
Judging SSRK Skokloster, Sweden, May 1995
Judging at L.R.C. Central Connecticut, USA 1994
Judging SSRK Skokloster, Sweden, May 1994
Judging in Melbourne, Australia, 1993
Judging at Karis, Finland, June 1993
Judging Midland C. Lab. Retr. Club Championship Show, England 1991
Judging at L.R.C . of the Potomac  1990
Judging SSRK Karlstad, Sweden, July 1988
Judging NSK Oslo,Norway, May 1987
Judging Vermo, Finland, 1987.
Judging NKK Trondheim, Norway 1982.