N ShCh Surprising's Indigo
  D.o.B  01.03.2014
Hips:   B
Elbows:  0-0
PRA-prcd: clear, EIC: clear, HNPK: carrier

Int.T.Nl Ch. Carpenny Scenario

Rockledge wordsmith of Carpenny

Int.Eng.ShCh Carpenny Walpole
Rockledge Bramble

Eng.ShCh Carpenny Wist

Hawksmore Webster
Eng.ShCh Carpenny Rustina

N ShCh Surprising's Florentina

It.Fr.Sw.Cr.Int Ch Fr.FT.Ch Charm Blueveil Mr.Darcy
Ch Langshott Gale Force from Kimvalley
Am.Ch Charm Dancing to the Music

N ShCh Surprising's Augusta
Norw.Swed.ShCh NORW. W-07 Surprising's Valiant
Norw.ShCh Norw. W-07
Surprisin    g's Rosanna

Indigo at 6 years old

                                            8 weeks