Norw.Swed.ShCh NORW. W-07-10 NORW. VW-14 Surprising's Valiant

D.o.B: 27.05.2006
Hips:  Free (A)
Elbows: 0-0

Eyes clear
Optigen Normal/Clear

Some of Valiant's offspring

Norway's Top winning Labrador 2008.

Valiant have had a fantastic career so far by winning 10 CC,
two Gundog Groups at all breed shows and has two times
won Best In Show at the Norw.Retr.Club.

He won a  CC in Sweden at one of the Circuit Shows, the Labrador Speciality, and he also won the Reserve  CC at the World Dog Show.
He is now also a Swedish ShowChampion.
He is such a kind and gentle dog and a joy to live with.

At 4 years




Rocheby Old Smokey


Rocheby Navy Blue
Rocheby Sailing By
Cambremer Royal Velvet at

ShCh Rocheby Polkadot
Poolstead Pretentious at Rocheby
ShCh Rocheby Acorn

Norw.ShCh Surprising's Justina

Norw. ShCh Pangro's Villert

Norw.ShCh Norw.W-88-92 Surprising's Timothy
Norw.ShCh Pangro's Quincy

Norw.ShCh Surprising's Geannie

Winnie's Frankfurter Team
Norw.ShCh Surprising's Christina


Norw.Sw.ShCh NW-07-10 NVW-14 Surprising's Valiant


Valiant at 9 years winning BOB, Group-4 and BIS-2 Veteran in Show at all breed Show OEV 15.02-15 in Etne!
Great Show judged by Arne Foss.

Valiant at 6 years.

Valiant at the World Show in Denmark.

At 18 months

Best in Show at the Norw.Retr. ChShow, October 07 in Bergen.

Best in Show at the Norw.Retr. ChShow, June 07 in Nordfjordeid,
12 months old.

Valiant at 8 weeks