Norw.ShCh Surprising's Justina

D.o.B: 14.01.1999
Hips: Free
Elbows: 0-0

One of our best brood bitches ever - mother of 16 ShCh.


At 7 years





Norw. ShCh Pangro's Villert

Norw.ShCh Norw.W-88-92 Surprising's Timothy

Int.Nord.ChSh Norw.W-78 Licithas Blizzard

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Winnie's Frankfurter Team

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Norw. ShCh Surprising's Theresa

Justina in her younger days

Justina 9 years of age

Justina, nearly 14.

ShCh Surprising's Justina fylte 15 Śr 14.01.2014.